Manar Marine Services are involved in all aspects of shipping, transport and experts in vessel chartering. Using a BIMCO Charter Agreement. Diverse thinking with competitive chartering rates

Our extensive experience as an international global network of trusted Chartering and Brokering companies around the world who will locate the right vessel for the right job whilst negotiating the best routes and prices for a vessel charter. We will charter only when we are satisfied with our logical and meeting the client’s necessaries and where we believe the job requirements and budget will justify such an undertaking.

In addition to our own vessels, we charter vessel with our network of contacts in the marine industry locally, regionally and internationally to support or client in identify, secure and provide various types of small & medium range vessels depending on the requirement. Our relationships over the years with many companies in the industry will helped us delivering any service in a short span time

Our key benefits of our chartering services:

  • Competitive prices
  • Specification without deviation assured
  • Marine commercial expert and contractual knowledge
  • Specialized market knowledge
  • Reliable and availability
  • Sharing of best practices
  • Modern Contracting procedures