Installation and maintenance of navigational aids, Removing sunken navigational aids, Marine Construction, Berth maintenance




Manar Marine Services has extensive experience in the installation and maintenance of Navigation Aids, including:

  • Buoys & Mooring Systems
  • Beacons/Lights
  • Design
  • Maintenance
  • Installation
  • Asset Management


Extracting sunken navigational aids on the coast of Qatar, Services on the coast line or deep water is available, with a maximum load of 20 tonne and a maximum depth of 20m.

We have partnered with leading marine contractors, where they provide a range of services for marine construction, and can carry out dredging works and jetty expansion. These support services are a valuable outsourcing resource for our clients that require specialist knowledge of marine works for construction or for maintenance.  In addition to general construction services such as concreting and foundations.